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Frequently Asked Questions

How long has Nightflite Music + Entertainment  been in the business?


Beginning as a small independent Canadian record label based out of Toronto, Nightflite has developed into an internationally recognized company and celebrates over 30 years of innovation and unparalleled expertise.


In 1981, Nighflite was approached by Playboy Magazine Enterprises to produce and distribute their first and only internationally released album, titled “Playboy Street Rock”. Having triumphed over many other U.S labels for the coveted spot, Nightflite put the Canadian music industry back in the spotlight.


Over time Nightflite has transitioned from a record label to an artist development and Management company, offering all our clients the direction they are looking for when navigating through the demanding world of entertainment. 

What does Nightflite Music + Entertainment offer?


Nightflite provides our clients with the crucial guidance and networking facilities to minimize costs and offer services that will guide and protect clients, while they maneuver through an industry in pursuit of their dreams. Our job is to evaluate, direct, and encourage our client through the complicated process of getting to where they want to go in the business.




How much are consultations?


Nightflite provides various development services customizable to each individuals needs. Please contact us for a detailed price quote based on your needs.

Current prices begin at:

Exploratory $495

Advancement $995


*All prices are quoted in Canadian currency.




Where does the consultation take place?


Consultations are conducted via one-on-one meetings in person (for local talent), Skype-like service for out-of-town and international talent, or by phone. This means you will not have to take time off work or travel.




How do I pay?


Currently we accept payment by MasterCard, Visa, PayPal and certified cheque.




What is your refund policy?


Nightflite prides itself in saving both time and money for our clients. Our services are only successful if you are fully prepared to commit. We urge only serious candidates to contact us as missed or cancelled appointments will be subject to a cancellation fee of $250 if less than 48 hours. Notification prior to 48 hours will be rescheduled no less than 3 weeks from original service date.


Please note: Only one approved reschedule is permitted per client.




How can I save money?


By accessing our network of industry professionals, you are tapping into providers who are rated as the best in the industry. These include voice coaches, record producers, recording studios, music lawyers, managers, music publishers, talent coaches, record companies, CD distributors, music distributors to commercial and internet radio, graphic/web designers, professional photographers, image consultants, video producers, music and artist promoters, arrangers, musicians, backup singers, choreographers, and more!


We won’t tell you who to see but recommend the right fit. It will be up to you to make the final choice.




Why do I need your service when I have the internet?


Sure, you may think the internet holds the key to all your management dilemmas; however having too many options can be disastrous and potentially lead to a dead end. Just because you “know” something, doesn’t mean you know “how” to correctly apply that information. With decades of experience, Nightflite’s industry experts will conduct a customized analysis of goals and management options catered to individual needs, and, ensure clients receive precise material that is of quality over quantity.




Do you cater to only one style/genre?


No. Nightflite believes that talent has no boundaries and celebrates all types of music. Our extensive trusted database of industry professionals are trained in various genres and styles of music. Following the initial consultation, we will match you with the best suited contacts in accordance to your individual needs.




Is this service only for bands and artists?


No. Nightflite caters to various professions in the music industry including label managers, producers, composers, etc. We have worked alongside brands such as: Miss America, CBC Radio, Gary Slate (Standard Broadcasting Corporation), Astrid Young (Neil Young's daughter), Beaches International Jazz festival, American Dream music challenge just to name a few.


Following the initial consultation, we will source management options for your review, specifically modified to individual requirements.


We urge you to contact us to avoid a missed opportunity and to see if we’re the right fit for your needs.

Please contact us with any further questions